Hollow Gill Huts



The Yorkshire Dales is an upland area of the Pennines in the historic county of Yorkshire, England, most of it in the Yorkshire Dales National Park which was created in 1954.

The Yorkshire Dales comprises river valleys and the hills rising from the Vale of York westwards to the hilltops of the Pennine watershed.

In Ribblesdale, Dentdale and Garsdale, the area extends westwards across the watershed, but most of the valleys drain eastwards to the Vale of York, into the Ouse and the Humber. The extensive limestone cave systems are a major area for caving in the UK and numerous walking trails run through the hills and dales.

Much of the rural area is used for agriculture, with residents living in small villages and hamlets or in farms like ours at Far Cappleside Farm. Miles of dry-stone walls and much of the traditional architecture has remained, including some field barns, though many are no longer in active use.

Breeding of sheep (hence the hut names) and rearing of cattle remains common. To supplement their incomes, many farmers have diversified, with some providing accommodations for tourists. Several agricultural shows are held each year.

Lead mining was common in some areas of the Dales in the 19th century, particularly during 1821 to 1861, and some industrial remains can still be found, such as the Grassington miners’ cottages. Certain former mining sites are maintained by Historic England. The Grassington Moor Lead Mining Trail, with its many remaining structures, has received funding from a variety of sources. The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority provides a mobile-device software app for those who wish to explore the relevant areas.

Choose to stay with us at Hollow Gill Huts and book one of three huts available so you can come and explore some of the Yorkshire Dales natural beauty yourself.


Choose from our three delightful Shepherds Huts where children go free for the rest of 2021 (based on a 2 person booking). Our huts are a touch of luxury with beautiful bed linen and feather and down pillows. The huts are fully insulated including underfloor heating and a log burner.

Ideal for an intimate getaway in the Dales. This hut sleeps 2 people and comes with a roaring log burner for a perfect romantic stay.

This hut sleeps 2 adults and 2 children with one double bed and one bunkbed, ideal for young families to enjoy the Dales together.

This hut sleeps 2 adults and 2 children with one double bed and one bunkbed, ideal for young families to enjoy the Dales together.

Fire Logs - £10

Enjoy a firepit with hardwood fire logs fresh from the farm. 

Our logs are 100% hardwood with a moisture content of less than 20%, ensuring maximum heat output with less smoke and are perfect for making a roaring fire under the night’s sky at Hollow Gill Huts.

You can purchase this from us at any point during your stay, so if you want to keep warm on your patio, buy a bag before you arrive on our booking system or let us know at any point during your stay.