Hollow Gill Huts





Why not add a few extra special touches to your stay, allowing you to have an experience that’s perfect in every way possible. We have a lovely selection of extras available.

All our extras are available to add when you book one of our huts online. Simply select what you’d like, and we’ll do rest.

We’re here to make your stay as perfect as possible. If there is something you’d like that isn’t on our list, send us a request to info@hollowgillhuts.co.uk and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

If you’ve already booked your stay and would like to add something extra, drop us an email at info@hollowgillhuts.co.uk and we’ll send you a payment link.


Are you coming to stay for a special occasion? Why not treat yourself or someone special to something and surprise them when they arrive.

Light Breakfast Box

Our light breakfast box is perfect and contains Cereal, Milk, Bread, Butter and Jam.

You can add this onto your stay when booking.

Proper Yorkshire Breakfast Box

Dig into a proper breakfast with locally sourced Bacon, Sausages, Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Eggs. We’ll also include Orange Juice, Cereal, Milk, Bread, Butter & Jam. Let us know which sauces you’d like for your full English and we’ll make sure they’re ready for you.

You can add this onto your stay when booking.

Real Luxury Treat Box

Everyone deserves a treat on holiday. Why not spoil you and your partner with a luxury breakfast box from us which includes all of the above plus a gorgeous bouquet of Flowers, a bottle of stunning Prosecco (with 2 glasses), Chocolates and Extra Coffee Pods for your coffee machine.

Not only that, but this package includes charcoal for the BBQ fire and marshmallows and skewers for a starry night treat.

You can add this onto your stay when booking.

Celebration Package

If it’s time to celebrate, let us decorate your hut just how you like.

We can provide banners, bunting and balloons, as well as a bottle of Prosecco (with glasses included).

We’ll have everything set-up for when you arrive for the big surprise.

Fire Logs - £10

Enjoy a firepit with hardwood fire logs fresh from the farm. 

Our logs are 100% hardwood with a moisture content of less than 20%, ensuring maximum heat output with less smoke and are perfect for making a roaring fire under the night’s sky at Hollow Gill Huts.

You can purchase this from us at any point during your stay, so if you want to keep warm on your patio, buy a bag before you arrive on our booking system or let us know at any point during your stay. 

Dog Stay

Bring your dog with you and let them stay with you if you choose to stay in The Swaledale Hut. This will cost £25 extra.

If you are staying in The Dalesbred or The Wensleydale huts, your dog can stay in our fantastic farm kennels. It costs £14 for each dog that comes to stay with you and means you can have the whole family for your days out in the Dales.

Bike Storage

If you would like to bring your bikes with you, you can. Lock them up in our secure storage whilst you’re not using them, completely free of charge.


Relax and enjoy a late check-out of 11am on your final day stay at Hollow Gill Huts.

Take your time, enjoy the scenic views, feast on a breakfast and enjoy an extra hour to relax.

Extra Towels

All of our Shepherds Huts include 2x bath towels and 2x hand towels.

Add an extra bundle if you’d like extra towels or there are more than two guests staying.

BBQ Charcoal Pack

Enjoy a firepit with barbecue grill, poker and metal tongues on an evening with our BBQ Charcoal Pack.

We’ll make sure you have all the equipment and a bag of quality charcoal briquettes, as well as matches, natural fire lighters, kindling and metal tongs.

You can purchase this from us at any point during your stay so if you want to cook up a feast or toast the marshmallows, you can.